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The Voiceover Artists' Best Friend!


I've been working with voiceover artists for several years now, and I've gotten a good idea of the kinds of services that they often need in order to make their work the best it can be. While I do not have a vocal booth in my home studio, I am able to offer the following services to voiceover artists:

* Editing / sweetening (for demos, spots, auditions, etc.) — I can help you make your demos, spots and auditions sound as good as any professional piece of work.
* Demo creation (using prerecorded material) — If you have the material recorded, I can help you craft a polished and attention-getting demo reel.
* Audiobook proofing / editing —Recorded a long audiobook and dreading the proofing and editing process? I can help! And it's always better to have another set of ears on something before you send it to the client.
* File conversions / demo deliveries —I can convert just about any audio or video filedigital or analoginto just about any other format, and I can help you get your demos and auditions to the people that need to hear them.
* Home studio design / consultation services —Remotely or in person, I can offer sage advice regarding equipment/isolation/soundproofing/acoustic treatment/etc., tailored to your specific needs (including your budget).
* Gear selection advice —Looking to buy the ultimate mic for your home studio, or for travel purposes? Before you lay down some serious cash on the latest, hottest mic (or any other gear), get in touch with me and I'll help you make sure you get the best gear—I'll even help you find it at the best price, too.
* Web services (domain registration, web design, website hosting, email, etc.) —I can also help you with your web presence! Whether you need a domain registered, a website hosted and/or designed, or email, or any other web-related service...I can help! I have years of experience, and I have some of the best rates around for web services (plus I have the best customer service, hands down); and I'm happy to offer all of this exclusively to my friends in the voiceover community!

Please contact me at (770) 971-6093 or smc (at) stephencarrington (dot) com, and we can discuss the details for your situation.

I plan to have my new website, (the "Voiceover Artists' Best Friend"), up and running soon, with all sorts of good stuff for VO artists; send me an email if you want me to let you know once it's live.

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