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I give guitar lessons in Marietta/East Cobb (which I have done professionally since 2010), and I also do audio engineering and related work. Throughout this site, and also near the bottom of this page, you'll find links to my websites.

Regarding the engineering and related work that I referred to: I worked at Doppler Studios in Midtown Atlanta for a few years, up until they closed in June 2016. I'm not a degreed engineer—I studied music education—but I have been involved in (sometimes professionally, sometimes not) and passionate about audio recording and production since the late '80s. At Doppler I did scheduling and related work and also engineering jobs whenever I could get them.

After Doppler closed, I began to put more effort into a venture I had wanted to focus on: Marietta Audio Mastering, a music mastering service I've recently started out of my home studio. It is an excellent post/editing/mixing/mastering facility—now featuring several pieces of gear from Doppler!—but I don't actually have a recording studio in my house...I have basically everything but the vocal booth. With the exception of recording talent in-house (I can record remote talent, though, via Source-Connect), I have the ability to offer full-fledged voiceover services.

In addition to offering audio mastering services, I still plan to continue working closely with voiceover artists—which is something I began doing in earnest while at Doppler and that I really enjoyed getting to do. I offer a full range of services to novice and veteran VO artists alike: I can offer editing/sweetening services, demo creation/assistance, audiobook proofing and editing, file conversions, consultation services...and I'm happy to come out to your home and offer advice on either setting up a new home studio or tweaking your existing set-up. I can also help with web design, domain registration, website hosting...all of that. I'm here to help you succeed.

Call or text me at (770) 971-6093 (this is my home number, so may I humbly request: no calls or texts between 10pm and 9am...thanks so much!) or email me if you are interested in any of those things, or anything else you think I can help with, and we'll make a plan.

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Stephen's Guitar Lessons
Marietta Audio Mastering

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